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For us, each day is a mini-success story when we see children arrive at first light to enjoy a warm cup of tea, breakfast and lunch at our Day Centre. However, there are some stand-out moments over recent months which we are extra proud of:

  • When ‘Amélie’ first visited Kimbilio’s Day Centre, she was very shy and nervous. We gradually gained her trust, and she told us that she was pregnant. We welcomed her to our Transit Home where she would be looked after by our female carers, and have regular check-ups at a local hospital. She required a caesarean section, but thankfully gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Both are now living in our Kimbilio home, and enjoying being centre of attention!
  • The boys at Maison Kimbilio achieved some of the highest grades in their classes during their end of year exams. Every child deserves an education, and it is encouraging that despite the challenges many of our children have faced in the past, they are working hard to better themselves, with the support of Kimbilio.

These are some of the views that children supported by Kimbilio have expressed. ‘Kimbilio has really helped me to feel happy again’ ‘I am learning how to speak French at school’ ‘I love going to school and as if I belong again’

Voici quelques avis exprimés par des enfants pris en charge par Kimbilio. ‘Kimbilio m’a vraiment aidé à me sentir heureux à nouveau’ ‘J’apprends à parler français à l’école’ ‘J’aime aller à l’école et j’ai de nouveau l’impression d’appartenir à quelque chose’

Estas son algunas de las opiniones de los niños de Kimbilio.

‘Kimbilio realmente me ha ayudado a ser feliz de nuevo “

” Estoy aprendiendo a hablar francés en la escuela’

“Me encanta ir a la escuela y de nuevo me siento que formo parte’