Vision and values

Girls at Kimbilio Our purpose and aim is to support street children and former street children to become reintegrated with their families and ultimately into society. In order to achieve this aim we provide support, education and training to vulnerable young people, assisting them to gain valuable skills, and help them to value themselves as individuals, often for the first time in their lives. We aim to give this support to children in a small scale ‘family setting’, aiming to avoid institutional models as found in orphanages and large scale accommodation centres for children.

Our short term vision is to become established and more effective in Lubumbashi, supporting a larger number of children, across our Day Centre, Transit Homes and Maison Kimbilio. Our longer term plan is to extend a similar model of child care to other areas of D. R. Congo where there is a high need for support of street children.

We aim to put the needs of the children first. We aim to treat all children equally, with no favouritism shown on grounds of ethnic background, race or gender. We aim to promote the well-being of the child within their family where possible and appropriate.

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