messing around at Maison Kimbilio!

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  1. Vania says:

    Hello Ian,
    I am writing from Canada, Oakville (near Toronto)…Came upon your site and blog as I was exploring local languages in DRC, close to Lubumbashi, where my sponsored child lives, so I can send a birthday card in local language. We have been supporting her and her community by monthly donations trough World Vision…I find your Kimbilio projects fascinating and the cause more then valuable… With admiration, I will be periodically following how are things going there… I always find it shocking and heartbraking to see how many street children struggle to survive in this world. I was also interested to see how safe(?) is considered travelling in area of Kamina/ Lubumbashi if ever (ever?) we can somehow dream of visiting that beautiful and unfortunate part of the world, people and even the little girl we feel close to… If not me, then maybe my sons one day…I do believe that your contribution to the whole community is making a real difference, not only to one life, but hopefully many of them… I am not in a position to help more financially right now, but would gladly follow and if somehow possible to help from far away, in any other way, I would happily consider…Sincerely, Vania Davidovic

    • Ian says:

      Dear Vania… Many thanks for your message, I’m so sorry it has taken so long to reply, infact I only read it yesterday. For some reason it was put into the spam folder through the website, when I’m in Congo the internet is so slow so I don’t often go into the website to check spam folders etc. I got back to the UK a couple of weeks ago and I’m now catching up on all these things! Thanks very much for your kind words and thoughts. If you are ever planning a trip do get in touch if you are needing advice. Where does your sponsored child live exactly? What language does she speak? The area around Kamina is insecure at the moment, the Mai Mai are active in that area. It is sad to see that north Katanga is becoming more insecure in recent months. I write a blog which I keep updated from time to time. My email address is it is best to contact me via email incase we have the same website problem again! Do keep in touch… Ian

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