Education, training and sports

Education plays an essential role in helping children build a future with hope, and that is why we are committed to sending each child living at Maison Kimbilio to the local school. Not only does this provide the children with a valuable education; they also have the opportunity to integrate with the local community, making new friends and overcoming the stigma attached to being a former street child. Our children have done exceptionally well in recent years, achieving some of the highest grades in the class. Kimbilio pays for their school enrolment, fees, exams, and uniform.12278968_1642120406042846_7413460381297520658_n

Alongside a traditional education, our children also enjoy a range of extra activities to boost their skills! Our new sewing studio is loved by the girls, where than can learn tailoring and crafts, and hone their design skills. In the past, some of the older children have served apprenticeships for a local mining company, giving them an insight into one of Lubumbashi’s most prosperous industries.New Sewing Studio

Football, basketball, dance, Frisbee… You name it, they love it! In partnership with a local dance academy, many of the children at our transit houses have been enjoying learning new routines and staging a spectacular end of season performance. The boys have also had the privilege of playing football on Lubumbashi’s only FIFA AstroTurf pitch, where they received training from qualified coaches. football training

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